A Better Infusion Experience

You can receive your infusion or injection therapy in your own private luxury infusion suite.

Welcome to PURE Infusion Suites!

PURE Infusion Suites is an outpatient medical office that provides infusion and injection services in a convenient and personal setting. We've set out to change the infusion experience for people suffering from chronic illness. You'll notice the minute you step into one of our facilities a feeling of ease and optimism. Our modern design hints that a more sophisticated spa like experience is awaiting you. We hire only the most experienced medical professionals that fully comply with state and federal regulations. You're no doubt in safe hands when visiting one of our facilities.

Luxurious & Relaxing Private Infusion Suites

All our infusion suites are equipped with power recliners, state-of-the-art infusion technology, 55" 4k televisions, and wireless internet. Patients also have access to refrigerators and microwaves. There is even room for family or friends to join during your infusion experience.

Professional Staff Ensure a Great Infusion Experience

Our spacious, relaxing infusion suites feature amazing amenities, and are staffed by the highest quality infusion nurses. All infusion treatments are supervised by our highly qualified trained medical team who coordinates care with doctors and pharmacies, performs pre-authorizations, and does anything else that is required to provide you with the best infusion treatment.

I came for the cost savings but returned for the experience; there's nothing else like it.

Mark W.Remicade Patient

Our newest location is now open in Billings, Montana.

If you're currently receiving infusion or injection therapies in the Billings, Montana area, now is the time to start moving your services to PURE. Get your therapy in a private, comfortable, quiet suite - away from the cold and clinical setting of the hospital or doctor's office.

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