“It was the best experience I've
had in over 20 years of infusions.”

Personalized, Private Infusion Treatments

At Pure Infusion Suites®, we understand the importance of providing an exceptional patient experience. That’s why we strive to provide the highest level of care while giving our patients access to affordable treatments. We believe that through these services, our patients will not only receive the care they deserve, but will also see clear improvements in their health.

Safe & Private Suites

  • Relax in comfortable, spacious rooms with a spa-like atmosphere
  • Enjoy amenities such as 55-inch TVs with Netflix, WiFi, refreshments, meals, and more

Expert Medical Staff

  • Our team includes certified Nurse Practitioners and infusion nurses on-site
  • Pre-authorization and re-authorization support
  • Assistance navigating financial patient assistance programs

Relax in Comfortable, Spacious Rooms
with a Spa-like Atmosphere

Example Title 1

“They have been amazing for my mom and they make her so comfortable during her infusions. The people there are so friendly and attentive. Their communication before, during and after the infusions is very thorough and detailed. It’s always clean and she loves the privacy she gets in the suite during her infusion. We would definitely recommend them to anyone needing infusions! Thank you Pure Infusions!"


Example Title 3

"I have been getting infusions for almost 30 years Pure Infusion suites is by far the best most comfortable and professional infusion clinic I’ve visited! The staff are friendly, warm and personable while remaining extremely professional and the decor of the infusion suites is very soothing. I would recommend pure infusion suites to everyone!"


Example Title 2

“I cannot recommend Pure Infusion enough. It is some of the best and most attentive medical care I have ever received at any facility (and the snacks certainly don't hurt!). If you find yourself in need of an infusion, it can be a very scary experience, but I find myself relaxed and almost looking forward to my days here. Thank you all for your amazing work!”


Example Title

“Absolutely AMAZING! They go above and beyond to make you comfortable and that you are getting the BEST care possible. Best infusion experience I have ever had through the years, this is the fourth infusion center I have been to. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”


Example Title

"I am so impressed with how pure infusions is set up and how the people have treated me. I have never felt so taken care of, welcome, safe, heard, and valued as a patient and a person in a medical setting as I have at pure infusions. The staff is amazing and the environment is wonderful."


Therapies We Administer

At our facilities, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge therapies for a wide range of autoimmune conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, plaque psoriasis, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and colitis.

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