A Safer Infusion Experience

Avoid crowded infusion centers and infuse in the safety of your own private suite.

Welcome to PURE Infusion Suites!

PURE Infusion Suites is an outpatient medical office that provides infusion and injection services in a private suite setting. We've set out to change the infusion experience for patients by letting them forego the waiting rooms and experience the check in process from their own private suite. This means no more busy hospital waiting rooms or crowded infusion centers. You’ll be able to practice the social distancing measures needed to maintain your health during this time of crisis. Don’t skip a treatment, we can get you on the schedule today!

Flexible Services and Financial Assistance

Aside from our state-of-the-art infusion suites with all the amenities we strive to make the patient experience second to none. Did you know there are financial assistance programs out there to help patients get all of their out-of-pocket costs covered? Even if you spent the money earlier in the year! There is a limited time to recoup those costs and one of our patient assistance coordinators will help you get those dollars back today. We also have the ability to get you on a schedule that works for you. Don't miss another appointment because of scheduling issues! There hasn’t been a better time to be a patient at PURE.

World Class Staff and Market Coverage

Our staff boasts some of the most renowned infusion professionals in the country. Lead by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Craig Carson who's been a practicing Rheumatologist for the past 26-years, leading the 5th largest practice in the nation. He’s surrounded by a great group of NP’s, RN’s and capable administrative staff. We’ve also worked hard to approve most major insurers in the markets we service and of course medicare as well. Please give us a call with any staff or insurance related questions!

I came for the cost savings but returned for the experience; there's nothing else like it.

Mark W.Remicade Patient

Pure Infusion Suites has infusion centers operating or under construction in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

If you're currently receiving infusion or injection therapies in any of the above areas, now is the time to start moving your services to PURE. Get your therapy in a private, comfortable, quiet suite - away from the cold and clinical setting of the hospital or doctor's office.

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