3 Benefits of an Ambulatory Infusion Center

3 Benefits of an Ambulatory Infusion Center

As an ambulatory infusion center, Pure Infusion Suites offers our patients flexible scheduling, co-pay assistance, and personalized care in a comfortable and private environment. 

When you are suffering from autoimmune condition, we know that receiving affordable, quality care is your top priority. 

If you are living with an autoimmune disease that is not responsive to traditional medications, your doctor may recommend a biologic infusion. While effective, receiving an infusion can be time consuming, expensive, and even uncomfortable. 

Infusions often occur in crowded hospitals with long wait times. Patients usually need to schedule their lives around their infusions to receive care. More importantly, receiving treatment at a hospital is usually is more expensive than receiving your infusion at an ambulatory infusion center (AIC).

AICs offer a variety of benefits as they are catered to the patient experience. Patients who receive care at an AIC are less likely to have their lives revolve around their illnesses and treatments. Additionally, they will likely save money on their infusions and receive more personalized, one-on-one care. 

3 Benefits of Receiving Care at an Ambulatory Infusion Center​

1. Flexible Scheduling

Hospitals are often over-inundated with patients, leaving you at the mercy of their schedule. Here at Pure Infusion Suites, we will empower you to take control of your schedules by offering appointment times that work for you. 

Our staff will work with you to ensure your infusion appointments are at your convenience. Additionally, before your first appointment, we will work with your doctor and your insurance provider to ensure a streamlined referral and authorization process. 

All Pure Infusion Suite locations have free walk-up parking so you can arrive and leave your appointment without having to navigate hospital parking lots

When you check in, you will not have to wait for your name to be called or stand in line. Instead, you will be directed immediately to your own private suite. You will sign in from the comfort of a reclining chair, and our expertly trained nurses will begin taking your vitals and checking your medical history prior to starting your infusion. 

2. Affordable Care

A 2010 report issued by ICORE Healthcare showed that receiving infusions at an AIC cost 53% less on average than in a hospital. 

For Example, the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) estimates that an injection of Remicade, a medication typically used to treat various arthritic conditions and irritable bowel disease, costs nearly $11,000 per infusion. However, at an AIC, the same injection costs a little over $4,500. 

With the cost of care already reduced, we take affordability to the next level by assisting our patients in enrolling in co-pay assistance and other financial aid programs to decrease the cost of your infusion. 

Co-pay assistance programs vary based on the biological infusion your healthcare provider prescribes to you. However, our patient care team is well-versed in working with foundations and drug manufacturers to uncover financial aid opportunities you may qualify for. 

3. Personalized Treatment

Infusion centers located in hospitals often service hundreds of patients a day. If you choose to receive your infusion at a hospital, you will likely be in a room with dozens of other patients without privacy. Additionally, as infusion nurses juggle the needs of multiple patients, their focus will not be solely on you and your treatment. 

Here at Pure Infusion Suites, we are focused on providing a comfortable and seamless infusion experience. Instead of being stuck in an uncomfortable hospital chair, you will have your private room and the sole attention of an infusion nurse. Plus, we always have room for your loved ones or caregiver to sit with you during your infusion. 

We also know that receiving an infusion can be a tedious process. That is why  your private suite will be equipped with reclining chairs, a flatscreen TV, wifi, and snacks and drinks for you and your loved ones to enjoy. 

Pure Infusion Suites currently has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Our founders created Pure Infusion Suites to make the infusion process comfortable, streamlined, and affordable. 

Our expertly trained staff will be with you throughout the infusion process to ensure easy referrals and insurance authorizations and reduce the cost of your infusion where we can. At Pure Infusion Suites, you will skip the long lines at the hospital and be provided with your suite, where you can enjoy your favorite shows, snacks, and food during your infusion appointment. If you have been prescribed Tepezza and are looking for patient-focused infusion experience, call us at 855.550.3358

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