For Payers

Who We are


Owned and managed by Pure Healthcare, Pure Infusion Suites® is a family of outpatient medical offices which provide infusion and injection therapies in a private suite setting (within our ambulatory infusion centers). Further, Pure Healthcare also owns and operates a family of specialty clinics within rheumatology, neurology, and other specialties.

Integrated Solution:

In addition to helping payers achieve better clinical outcomes for their members while lowering the cost of care, we’ve set out to radically change the infusion experience (e.g., no waiting rooms, advocate for patients with co-pay assistance, etc.). Our credo of being “Patient Obsessed” is the driving force behind everything that we do!


  • Currently open in 14 states :
    • AK, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, MT, NE, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA
  • Over 40 centers open
  • Over 250 employees
  • First AIC company to receive national payor contracts
  • In addition to private payers, we receive Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries

Value Proposition 

Pure Healthcare excels in delivering an unrivaled and unique value proposition to the premier payers within the geographic regions where Pure operates:

Cost-saving initiatives through agile and customized contracting 

  • Combining the sophistication of a large company with the speed of a small business, Pure has done various pilots with payers to address “problem areas” raised by payers. 

Joint Commission accreditation 

  • All of our Pure Infusion Suites clinics across the country have received the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission for Ambulatory Health Care.

Member experience

  • No waiting-room policy; patients seeing the same provider and staff; less than 100 steps from your car to your suite; a national Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 87.  

Clinical quality 

  • Pure delivers best in class clinical quality metrics as they relate to Venipuncture Rate, Adverse Drug Reactions, and Medication Errors 

Solutions for site-of-care enforcement 

  • Payer policies without a mechanism to enforce are just talking points.
  • Pure’s Patient Navigator program can help payors enforce their own policies without the increase of expensive headcount.

Working with Payers

Our collaborative approach to working with our payor partners is specifically designed to meet the ever changing landscape within chronic healthcare. A strategic approach to member engagement, quality and safety, and cost containment allows Pure and our partners to realize dramatic improvements in all areas.

Above all, it is our goal to expand member access to important therapies and to ensure alignment between prescriber, plan, provider, and pharmaceutical manufacturer. Our “patient-obsessed” motto ensures that every aspect of a member’s care plan is addressed and communicated to deliver optimal results across all of our locations and therapeutic areas.

If you would like to speak with our payor relations department, please email us at