About Pure Infusion Suites

We are patient-obsessed!

Pure Infusion Suites is an outpatient medical office that provides infusion and injection services in a private suite setting. We’ve set out to change the infusion experience for patients by ensuring they undergo the entire infusion process from check-in to check-out in their own private suite. 

Traditionally, infusion care is performed in crowded hospitals or infusion centers with long waiting lines and a lack of privacy. Additionally, hospital staff are often taking care of multiple patients at a time, which inhibits personalized and compassionate care. 

By providing private suites for each of our patients, we allow our staff to develop personal relationships with our patients while they embark on a treatment journey that is often filled with hardship and heartache. 

The Pure Story

Pure Infusion Suites was founded because we have all personally experienced the patient journey. Whether it is our family, friends, or our leadership team and employees, we have seen the difference that personalized care makes in the lives of those suffering with autoimmune conditions and cancer.

Our founders developed the idea for Pure Infusion Suites while at Thanksgiving dinner discussing how uncomfortable and depersonalized infusion treatments were for their own friends and family members.

From there, they discussed how much better it would be if their friends and family members could experience private care as well as enjoy interactions with nurses who genuinely cared about them and their conditions.

A few months later, Pure Infusion Suites opened their first location in Billings, Montana in 2018. Since then, Pure Infusion Suites has grown to have  35locations in 14 states. We are proud to provide people-obsessed care to patients suffering with arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s and colitis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic condition.

Pure’s leadership team is grateful for the opportunity to serve patients on their infusion journey. We strive to ensure our patients are receiving personalized, quality care.

Our values are reflected in the dedication of our staff. Their hardwork has lead to nationwide recognition, resulting in accreditation from The Joint Commission and other accolades from the business community.

Pure Leadership

Joshua Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Trey Gardner

Chief People Officer

Kevin McKenzie

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Smith

Chief Operations Officer

Joshua Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Trey Gardner

Chief People Officer

Brady Porter

Chief Growth Officer

Dan Smith

Chief Operations Officer

Pure Infusion Suites Core Values

Core values serve as a guiding principle for our company’s actions and decision-making. They shape our culture, define our identity, and provide a foundation for long-term success and growth.

We Are

As healthcare providers, we recognize that the health and happiness of our patients is paramount to ensuring thriving communities across the United States. Chronic health conditions cost our country $3.7 trillion every year, with most of those costs falling back on patients who cannot afford treatments and are unfortunate enough to have to declare bankruptcy. 

Living with chronic illness is a harrowing journey that often leaves patients and their families feeling alone and afraid as they deal with the struggles that accompany depilating disease. At Pure Infusion Suites, we recognize that families should be treated with compassion during their treatment journey, and provide all possible resources to lift their financial and mental burdens. 

We Are Passionate

Pure Infusion Suites was founded on the principle that those struggling with chronic illness should be given the space and privacy to heal from their illness during their patient journey. During that healing process, we are passionate about providing opportunities for patients to develop strong, personal connections with our providers on their terms. 

By creating strong bonds with our patients, it allows our care teams to proactively and successfully advocate for our patients. Every Pure Infusion leader and employee is passionate about caring for our patients. We work tirelessly to ensure our patients know they are a part of our family. 

We Are Builders

Pure Infusion Suites has had the opportunity to serve our patients because of the innovation and tenacity of our leadership team and employees. As a company we are driven by changing the way healthcare treats patients and families on their treatment journey, and change cannot happen without trial and error. 

We empower our employees to try new things and be unafraid to fail boldly. Our success demonstrates the power of trusting your employees to advocate for change in the areas that they are passionate about. For our patients, that has meant real human connection and reduced costs of care. 

We Are Grateful

We recognize that serving our patient communities across the United States is a privilege and not a right- and we are grateful for the privilege. Pure Infusion Suites is more than a healthcare company, it was created as a beacon of change in the healthcare industry to ensure patients and their families are put first as they battle autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions. 

The changes we hope to make as a company will not just impact those around us, but will impact our own friends and family for the better. Without the trust of the patient community, we would not have the opportunity to provide these life-changing resources to our loved ones. 

We are grateful to everyone that has helped us realizes our dreams of providing a better future for those struggling with chronic illness.