Co-Pay Assistance

Biologic infusions can be incredibly expensive, with some doses of medications costing thousands of dollars. For the average American, these costs can be crippling, especially when many of these medications are necessary for our loved ones to live happy, healthy lives.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive quality and affordable care. We will work with drug manufacturers and foundations to determine if they have co-pay assistance programs available to cover the cost of your medication.

If co-pay assistance is not available for your treatment, we will work with you to find additional financial aid options to lower the cost of your care.

Drug Manufacturer Co-Pay Assistance Programs

Drug manufacturers understand that many patients will struggle to afford the biologic treatments that they have created for various autoimmune diseases. For patients that have private insurance, drug manufacturers have created co-pay assistance programs, commonly known as copay cards, that allow patients to pay little to no out-of-pocket costs.

For qualifying patients, drug manufacturers will typically pay part or all of the cost-sharing requirements of a patient’s insurance or their co-pay. With such significant financial aid help, these programs can help ensure patients have access to treatments that are crucial to improving their quality of life.

Not every biologic treatment has a co-pay assistance program. However, there may be other options available to you.

Foundation Financial Aid Programs

Foundations and charitable organizations can also help provide co-pay assistance and other financial aid programs that can help lessen the out-of-pocket costs for your treatments. Like drug manufacturer copay assistance programs, foundation financial aid programs aim to pay part or all of a patient’s deductible or co-pays.

The qualifications for foundation financial aid programs can vary depending on a patient’s disease state and your current financial circumstances. Additionally, foundation financial aid programs are usually only viable seasonally and cannot be a guaranteed source of funding throughout the year. 

How Can Pure Infusion Suites Help? 


  1. Your Patient Access Coordinator will work with you to ensure that we have pre-authorizations from your insurance company to provide treatment to you with a medication that was prescribed by your physician. 
  2. Once we have authorization, we will research which co-pay assistance programs are available to you.
  3. Our team will work with drug manufacturers and program directors to process your financial aid application. We will handle all of the paperwork and alert you if you are eligible for any co-pay assistance or financial aid programs.


If you have any additional questions not listed above, please contact your Patient Access Coordinator located in your local clinic.