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PURE provides a wide range of infusion and injection therapies for patients in need of these cutting-edge biologic treatments. We understand that no biologic medicine benefits any patient if they can’t access the treatment.  At PURE, we eliminate the barriers to care for your patients by swiftly removing the complexity of prior authorizations; expediting the cumbersome drug-ordering process; and by quickly completing the financial assistance programs for your patients. In short, by removing the daunting barriers to care associated with biologic medicines, PURE allows referring providers to focus on what matters most: their patient.  By serving as an extension of your team, PURE improves medical outcomes and delivers an unrivaled patient experience that you and your patient will come to appreciate.

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How does the patient referral process work?

Referral form

  • Complete the appropriate referral form
  • Attach all required insurance information, clinical notes and labs


  • The PURE intake team works directly with insurance providers to receive pre-authorization of treatment
  • Patient Access Coordinator (PAC) will contact the patient to set expectations for the pre-authorization process that usually takes 7 business days or less

Appointment scheduling

  • After pre-authorization approval, PACs schedule an appointment with the patient and educates on infusion preparation
  • PACs will also help patients with available financial assistance programs

Infusion day

  • At PURE Infusion Suites, we are “patient obsessed!” The infusion experience includes snacks, drinks, meals, comfortable private rooms with a 55” TV, WIFI, and room for children, friends or family to keep them company


  • A nurse will follow up and check on the patient within 24 hours of their infusion
  • PACs will send the infusion notes to the provider

Ready to make a referral?

Our referral process is quick and easy.
Just email or fax us the order and insurance information.
We’ll forward to the nearest PURE location in your area, and our local team will take care of the rest.
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Services we provide your practice:

Dealing with pre-authorizations consumes a significant number of hours for practices which negatively affects their workflow and reduces the provider’s ability to spend time with patients. On-site at our PURE locations, we average getting your patients their pre-authorizations in 7 days or less.

Our team of scheduling-specialists work with each patient's unique schedule to quickly accommodate the best appointment time ensuring to make your infusion and injection treatments as convenient as possible.

Many practices are unaware of the many financial assistant programs offered to their patients. Further, practices don't have the time to navigate their complex and lengthy process. We have dedicated staff who are experts in helping each patient maximize their benefit from these financial assistance programs.

Serving as an extension of your team, PURE’s team of patient access coordinators will manage the infusion cycle, communicate updates, and provide your office with documentation after each treatment.