Plaque Psoriasis

What is Plaque Psoriasis?

Plaque psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that primarily affects the skin. As your immune system turns against you and begins to attack healthy skin cells, inflamed, scaly patches will begin forming on your skin in various locations throughout your body. 

These scaly patches of skin, known as plaques will appear as red or pink patches covered with silvery scales. On dark skin, plaques can appear thicker, ranging from dark brown, purple, or light gray. 

Plaque psoriasis can cause severe physical and emotional discomfort and distress to those living with the condition. Psoriasis plaques are often painful and itchy. When visible, many people living with plaque psoriasis are mistreated and bullied by those that interact with them due to the appearance of their skin.

Common Symptoms of Plaque Psoriasis Include:

  • Scaly or crusty dandruff on the scalp
  • Intermittent rashes that vary in color with a scaly or build. 
  • Patches of skin that appear scaly and inflamed and may crack, bleed, or itch.
  • Patches of rashing or scaly skin merge to form bigger areas of affected skin. 
  • Pitting and cracking of toenails and fingernails. 

While not fatal, 30% of people with plaque psoriasis will develop psoriatic arthritis which  causes inflammation and deformities in the joints of the hands and feet. Luckily, psoriasis can be treated and managed through lifestyle changes and a combination of different therapies and medications.

How is Plaque Psoriasis Treated?

The first line of defense in the treatment of plaque psoriasis is topical ointments. Most commonly, corticosteroids will be prescribed to help reduce the body’s immune response, giving your skin the chance to heal. 

For moderate to severe cases of psoriasis, medical professionals may also try phototherapy and oral medications to reduce flare-ups. If traditional oral medications are not working, your doctor may prescribe you a biologic. 

Biologic infusions can be more effective for those suffering from moderate to severe psoriasis. As an Intravenous therapy (IV), biologics bypass the digestive tract, allowing these medications to maintain their potency and effectiveness.

Plaque Psoriasis Treatments
We Offer
  • Cimzia
  • Ilumya
  • Remicade
  • Renflexis
  • Stelara

Why Pure Infusion Suites

At Pure Infusion Suites, we are experts at providing patients with a comfortable, patient-obsessed infusion experience. Our clinical model guarantees we never go above a 3:1 patient-to-nurse ratio. Each Pure Infusion Suite is equipped with a 55-inch flatscreen TV, WiFi access, comfortable recliners, and food and beverages catered to our patient’s desires.

Financial Aid & Co-pay Assistance

The patient experience at Pure Infusion Suites is unparalleled compared to the industry standards, especially when it comes to reducing costs for payers and patients.

On Average, care at an ambulatory infusion center costs 53% less than infusion services offered at hospitals. We further increase affordability by offering co-pay assistance and other financial aid programs to our patients to lessen their burdens.

Patient Stories

Lizanne FlynnLizanne Flynn
16:23 28 Jul 23
All of the staff were personable and focused on making sure the treatment went smoothly. Everyone went above and beyond and that was so greatly appreciated!
Edy Lynn WinogradEdy Lynn Winograd
20:09 17 Jun 23
If you need Infusions absolutely ask your doctor to refer you to PURE. In today’s world medical care has lost its focus on Patient Care. Not because of Providers but due to the interference/dictatorship of our Current government.PURE has found a way to put patient care First!!! With knowledgeable empathetic experienced staff to Private rooms with the ambiance and amenities of a 5 star Hotel!!!A diagnoses requiring infusions is scary. I feel optimistic that my treatment requiring infusions in an environment like PURE Will smooth the road to a successful outcome for my overall health. Feeling Grateful………
Jeff LewallenJeff Lewallen
15:08 15 May 23
After having multiple issues with another infusion service, I reached out to Pure Infusion Suites. Dana immediately returned my phone call and was immediately working to help resolve my case. The communication was excellent and Dana is a great job of explaining where things were in the process for non-medical speaking folks. From first phone call to getting my infusion was 4 days! Where I had been getting the run around for 3 weeks with the other company.When I arrived, I was introduced to Holly who was going to be giving me my infusion. Holly was great to work with. She was professional, informative, and approachable.Finally, the suites were fully decked out with whatever you may need. Drinks, snacks, wifi, TV. The chairs were amazingly comfy.I'm a huge fan and they have another loyal customer!
Patrick NaultyPatrick Naulty
19:45 06 Apr 23
Staff are super nice. Make a treatment enjoyable! Nice having a private room and comfortable chair.
17:19 29 Mar 23
Just the best. Environment is extremely comfortable, chill, and the nurses are the best ever. Awesome front office staff, too. They are all great listeners, very attentive, and they only need to do one single and gentle poke to get you going. Then, you can relax the rest of the day, with lunch included. Never an arm stabbing expedition. 💜💜💜
Mary BMary B
17:37 19 Mar 23
I’ve been getting IVIG for 9 months and every time it’s been a pleasant / professional experience. The individual rooms are so comfortable … it’s like being at home with friends and wonderful care. I have been to other IV clinics and Pure Infusion is far superior! The nurses work hard but always have time for you! The welcome you receive at the front door is warm and sincere!
Brittany NgoBrittany Ngo
02:51 04 Feb 23
I came here for my IVIG treatment over 4 days. Everyone was excellent and accommodating. I had Bella as my nurse for 3 of the days and Haley for the last day; both of them were amazing. I was nervous about starting IVIG but they made the experience go as smoothly as possible and adjusted accordingly when I had some side effects. They never rushed me when I needed to go slower the last two days. The office also provided lunch for me which was a very nice surprise and had a comfortable area for my family to sit in the room while they kept me company.
Elizabeth McCuneElizabeth McCune
16:46 10 Dec 22
Hands down the best infusion experience I’ve ever had. The facility and more importantly the nurses couldn’t be better!
Erin PetersenErin Petersen
15:03 01 Dec 22
Veronica was my nurse and she was great! She went above and beyond when she logged into her Peacock account so I could watch Team USA in the world cup.
Cheryl MartinezCheryl Martinez
03:43 22 Nov 22
If you are looking for a place to get your infusions, this is it. Natalie was my nurse and she provided exceptional patient care, and spent time getting to know me.From a customer service standpoint they are amazing as well. The girl at the front desk was so welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the start and helped me sign up for the copay program for my medication.They provide a pillow, plush blanket, a TV with streaming options, snacks, drinks and even buy you lunch. I joked with Natalie that it felt like a "white glove" or "first class experience."I think providing those options adds to the patient experience in the sense that you feel comfortable and therefore less nervous. Natalie took great care of me during and especially after my infusion to make sure I was truly good to go before leaving their care.Thank you all for a great experience. If I have to sit through infusions, at least it was with style, class, and real care!
Michelle SchuellerMichelle Schueller
15:52 15 Oct 22
Bella and Sam were wonderful. They were so welcoming and by far this was the best infusion experience. This was the first time at Pure Infusion and I hope to continue going there.
Wendi LindseyWendi Lindsey
04:17 13 Oct 22
I’m so glad that I was referred to Pure Infusion! I have always loved being so well cared for every time I have walked through the door. You have privacy, large tv, quiet surroundings for resting, wonderful longtime staff and other amenities that make it more like home. Thank you Pure Staff and Nurses for all of your care!
Kim StewartKim Stewart
18:16 16 Jul 22
Sam made me feel like family, and Bella was the best infusion nurse I have ever had. She ran the infusion in such a way that I had the fewest side effects ever! The room was private, beautiful, and comfortable. They even bought me lunch! I can’t recommend them enough.
16:12 08 Jun 23
The staff was very kind and attentive and made a very scary and new situation for my friend a comfortable one. The suites are private, have comfortable soft chairs, a nice big TV and they are decorated cute! They were also so kind as to provide a beautiful snack bar and also ordered in lunch for us.
Kallie TuellerKallie Tueller
16:08 08 Jun 23
John is the only reason I’m able to get through my infusion every time. He is so supportive, relaxed, makes me feel comfortable. The front desk is always ready to greet me with a friendly attitude and show me around and all other staff are supportive and helpful. My first infusion I was crying and scared and they handled it well and gave me all my options of not moving forward if I wasn’t comfortable and explaining all things to me. I am at my second infusion today and I am receiving the same level of care which is excellent.
Alikah LundgreenAlikah Lundgreen
15:14 02 Jun 23
Pure infusion suites is the best place to come for infusions!! They have the comfiest recliners and cozy blankets with yummy snacks!! The staff makes me feel at home and takes such good care of you during your infusion. Love love love Pure! Highly recommend!!
14:48 02 Jun 23
I have had one infusion of ocravus there and the staff was amazing. The rooms were very nice and comfortable. They even bought me lunch. Had a very great experience. Very great place to get infusions. Hope they are all the same for me there and I don’t think they will be any different!!
Elsie PiazzaElsie Piazza
19:30 13 Apr 23
I would like to thank Kelli Sulser for resolving my initial issues and concerns. She contacted me, listened, immediately followed up with the office staff, and had someone call me to schedule an appointment for the following day. My clinical experience was exceptionally positive. The front desk staff were friendly! My assigned room had chocolate, a card and flowers. 🙂 The nurse who administered my medication was knowledgeable and professional. I am impressed with the level of service and highly recommend this facility.Thank you for finding solutions and providing me with top-notch care.
Paige YocomPaige Yocom
15:48 25 Mar 23
I have to get infusions for an autoimmune disease and this was my favorite place so far to get my infusion! Nurse & staff were so nice and the suite was so nice. I loved how comfy it was. If you have to get infusions done, might as well feel relaxed and have a comfy chair and atmosphere!
Kaitlyn MaxwellKaitlyn Maxwell
13:55 20 Mar 23
You get your own private room with a giant TV and comfy reclining chair. There is also furniture for visitors. The blankets are super soft!! The snack station is wonderful too. The whole place is always clean, professional, and looks like it was arranged by an interior designer. The staff are all lovely and amazing to work with. I never want to go anywhere else!!!!
Kaitlin ChristensenKaitlin Christensen
03:08 19 Jan 23
I had my first infusion at pure infusion suites recently and I can't say how much I appreciated the care I received! It was by far the most comfortable medical care experience I've ever had. Everyone was so kind and they really make you feel at home. I left looking forward to my next infusion in a far more positive way.
P HeadleyP Headley
18:50 03 Jan 23
The staff is amazing! They went out of their way to get my daughter scheduled. Theymade sure she was comfortable during the infusion and took the time to answer questions. The private rooms are really nice with your own TV/Netflix to pass the time. It's worth the drive to have my daughter's infusion at Pure Infusion.
David DiGirolamoDavid DiGirolamo
16:11 22 Dec 22
Pure Infusion has the most wonderful staff. They are very attentive to your needs and do their best to help you be as comfortable as possible. A big shoutout to John and Kelly especially who always make me feel welcomed and cared for. I highly recommend Pure Infusion Suites!
Karyn FarnsworthKaryn Farnsworth
19:51 21 Nov 22
Love going to Pure Infusion Suites in Layton. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and taken care of. They even acknowledged my birthday in a fun and darling way! I really enjoy having my infusion in a private room so that I can work without interruptions or distractions. Or just sit and relax!
Jennifer GreenleeJennifer Greenlee
14:48 09 Sep 22
I cannot recommend Pure Infusion enough. It is some of the best and most attentive medical care I have ever received at any facility (and the snacks certainly don't hurt!). If you find yourself in need of an infusion, it can be a very scary experience, but I find myself relaxed and almost looking forward to my days here. Every employee is wonderful, from Kelly at the front desk to Joe who does the infusions. Thank you all for your amazing work!
Melodie PeayMelodie Peay
04:18 30 Aug 22
I had a great experience today at Pure Infusion! I’ve done a lot of hospital infusions but it was my first experience with a private company. First of all they have really really comfortable recliners. My infusion takes 4-5 hours so the chair was amazing. Secondly, fuzzy blankets. Third, caring and personable staff. I felt like I was the only person there. I knew I wasn’t but they took their time and made sure I was comfortable. They also worked with my insurance to make things smooth. Usually I have to do all the leg work but they took care of everything! The snacks, drinks and lunch didn’t hurt either. I’m definitely converted.
Mistie KollerMistie Koller
23:45 28 Jul 22
There are so many good things to say about Pure infusion Siutes of Layton.The number #1 thing to me and one of the most important is their staff. Their staff is amazing, and some of the nicest and friendly people you'll meet. They're great at what they do and you always leave feeling better than when you walked in.
Ness BNess B
02:10 28 Jul 22
I absolutely LOVE Pure Infusion Suites of Layton!!! I live in Cache Valley and I will continue to drive to Layton as long as Kelli, Joe and Alikah are the ones taking care of me! The facility is gorgeous, with personal rooms filled with touches of home and comfort. (My favorite are the comfy recliners and minky blankets…perfect for a quick snooze. 🥱😜) I look forward to my infusion every week! I am greeted with smiles and genuine care. I consider the Pure Infusions Suites staff part of my family. ❤️❤️
Martha BeckmanMartha Beckman
17:44 29 Jul 23
The staff is the best. I went to the wrong office but they worked around it and gave me the shot anyway. The best was I didn’t even feel the injection at all. Always a positive experience! Wonderful people!
Christopher WynnChristopher Wynn
16:27 10 May 23
Pure infusion make’s getting an infusion so much better. My GI doctors office has an infusion center and I refused to transfer there and said I wanted to stay with Pure. The staff and atmosphere is very nice.Additionally, the staff is way more helpful in my opinion in working with your insurance and communicating the progress of everything with you than other locations.
Naomi RandellNaomi Randell
18:20 02 May 23
The folks at Pure Boise are always so nice and accommodating. They make getting an infusion honestly a great experience. I get to snuggle up in a large recliner with a blanket and all the snacks I could possibly want. Even though I usually have to work, sometimes even taking calls, everyone is so flexible and nice that it’s never a problem. I feel utterly pampered when I go to Pure Boise.
Tyler RudyTyler Rudy
19:23 12 Apr 23
I got set up at Pure after moving to Idaho, after years of getting infusions at my home state. I'm blown away by this clinic. Private rooms, awesome accommodations, TVs if that's your thing, WiFi if you want to work remote, accessible locations right off the highway, kind and professional staff, even snacks... I was in the process of "defaulting" to local hospitals for my infusions but they took so long to get going that I actually looked around and found Pure. I asked my provider for a referral to Pure and got set up very quickly. With 3 appointments behind me and a lifetime more to go, I look forward to being a regular here for a long, long time.
Matt B.Matt B.
22:24 10 Apr 23
Best, most comfortable and pleasant infusion experience I have ever had. The staff are amazing and professional, the infusion process is smoother and takes less time, and they have all the creature comforts (snacks, drinks, and more) to make IV infusions as pleasant of an experience as possible. Why would anyone go anywhere else?If you get IV infusions of any sort, check this place out. I'd bet money you will never go back to a hospital or other facility.
Michael B.Michael B.
16:57 06 Apr 23
Pure Infusion in Boise is great. Real people, who treat me like a person, not a number. Very professional with infusion procedures. Very accommodating with appointments. Nice clean and comfortable rooms. Five stars!
S EllieS Ellie
05:33 17 Mar 23
The experience you get at Pure at the Boise location is more than expected.. the staff, I believe her name is Allison, helped me in ways more than I would have thought from a front desk check in gal ever would. She helped me with the cost of my treatment and then even asked what snacks I would like to have before I arrived, who does that these days!? Travis the nurse, was kind and gentle. I really think they were put on earth to help and be kind to people like me. I couldn't be more grateful for this center and the employees they have. Thank you!
23:56 10 Mar 23
Best customer service ever all the staff are amazing and super nice especially Allison and Travis who went above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of! They even ordered me smash burger and gave me a luxury room while I was getting my infusion. 100% recommend Pure Infusion Suites they are truly one of the best places!
Stephanie MitchellStephanie Mitchell
22:06 30 Jan 23
I have had infusions at two other infusion businesses in Boise. Pure Infusion Suites is superior to either of them. The staff is friendly & knowledgeable. Appointments are easy to make. The suites are very comfortable & I really like that the hallway wall is glass so they can check on you with just a glance. I would recommend them to anyone & have told my prescribing doctor how much I like them.
Phillip KennedyPhillip Kennedy
22:11 09 Dec 22
It’s a great environment and nice staff. They don’t answer their phones and they take a while to call you back. Their billing department will send you an extremely nondescript bill explains that you owe them but not what it’s for or why. Their scheduling department apparently doesn’t schedule properly either. They don’t even try to contact you about the bill it’s just a text. After the comfy environment you would think they would want to continue to create a great experience but that’s as far as it goes.
Susan YoungSusan Young
15:10 19 Nov 22
Pure Infusion has a great staff that is both friendly & knowledgeable. They provide care & understanding while you’re in their facility. I would recommend them to anyone.
Allan HullAllan Hull
15:53 10 Oct 22
Staff was courteous and efficient. Travis started my infusion therapy in one try. I got to relax in comfortable chair for 30 minutes, and before I knew it we were making making my appointment for my next session.
Ruth RobinsonRuth Robinson
12:52 07 Oct 22
This Business is ao awesome. It is very professional and a very beautiful place to go. The people there are also very professional and nice. I would recommend this Business to anyone.
Ericka O'CainEricka O'Cain
16:33 02 Jun 22
Always a comfortable and peaceful experience. I was kind of horrified when I walked in and they weren’t wearing masks since all their patients are some kind of immune compromised. They did happily put them on as soon as they realized that it was important to me and kept them on the whole time I was there.
Nancy JonesNancy Jones
16:45 29 Sep 21
My daughter was a previous patient here and it was such a lovely experience! We still reminisce about what great care she receive there. The personal care made the experience feel relaxed and comforting. Instead of viewing it as a medical need (although it was), we were able to see it as an afternoon together. Thank you for the excellent care you gave her. It was nice to meet the owners, shortly after opening. They were very friendly and courteous.
Carolyn GilesCarolyn Giles
17:05 08 Jun 23
My husband was treated with the utmost care during his experience there. This was our first time at Infusion Suites, but won’t be our last, so we are both so thankful he had a good first experience. We would recommend this place to anyone.
Donlyn ArbuthnotDonlyn Arbuthnot
01:52 08 Jun 23
Very caring nurse and staff. Rooms are clean and comfy. Big tv with Netflix. If you get the munchies there are goodies to choose from. And the best part, the nurses are so good they get your infusion started in one stick. Pure Infusion is the best place for my infusions.
Raquel PhimphangsyRaquel Phimphangsy
17:09 01 Jun 23
Yesterday was My 1st Skirizy infusion and I was terrified, Sam & Jordan made me feel comfortable. They also help me stay calm and answered every question I had I definitely recommend this place they are very attentive, welcoming. Infusion’s are always scary the first time or anytime really never know if you will get someone that will be rough wile putting the IV on you or rude but they definitely know how to take good care of you there.
Anna StraussAnna Strauss
21:28 17 Apr 23
The staff at pure infusion are very professional, caring and friendly. It really does make a huge difference. I would recommend the Louisville location to anyone who needs to find a place to receive the treatment they need!! Keep up the great work. We need you!!! 👍
Joyce ThorpJoyce Thorp
18:04 24 Feb 23
The staff at the suite are always friendly and helpful on my visits but on the 22nd of February I had just been in a rollover one-car accident and my daughter had delivered me to Pure Infusion for my Nucala shot. The staff was very concerned and did all they could to make me comfortable.
P3 PhilBeeP3 PhilBee
07:22 18 Feb 23
Very clean, comfy recliners, friendly, attentive.
Ellen LaGowEllen LaGow
19:55 16 Feb 23
Pure Infusion is a comfortable place for a medical treatment. The private rooms with comfortable chairs, a television, and snacks and the attention from the staff make it an excellent facility.
Zach SharkZach Shark
19:54 16 Feb 23
Always friendly, helpful, and flexible. Plenty of snacks and entertainment to keep yourself busy while waiting for the infusion. Overall an extremely comfy and cozy place!
Joseph LicataJoseph Licata
19:53 16 Feb 23
The lady that I worked with was fantastic, very professional very courteous.
Joyce PetersonJoyce Peterson
22:10 01 Jan 23
Reed BernsteinReed Bernstein
00:31 01 Jan 23
Kind, competent, and professional staff. I am very grateful.
Mary CarvilleMary Carville
20:50 30 Oct 22
I can only say when one has serious health issues & need really good medical help to get back to better/good health it's good to have a professional compassionate group as I found/had at Pure Infusion from walking thru office door to have proceedure done The entite staff was fantastic!! I really appreciate how well they treated me? Outstanding! Thank you!! Mary .
Christopher GippleChristopher Gipple
16:08 21 Jul 23
Elsa and the staff were great! Very attentive and fun to chat with. The suite was stocked with all sorts of snacks as well. The only complaint you will get from me might come from my waistline!😉Great job!
Burl BeckerBurl Becker
15:29 23 Jun 23
The kindness and friendliness of the staff was really beyond the 5 Stars. I told them I could stay all day to chat and laugh. It is a top rated place, beautiful facility and has GREAT treats for their patients... 🙂
Shawna ClawsonShawna Clawson
15:37 15 Jun 23
My experience at Pure could not have been better, especially considering the difficult circumstances of facing a new diagnosis. The ladies I worked with were truly professional, compassionate and heartfelt. They treated me like royalty, and spent plenty of time answering all my questions. The infusion suites are also very comfortable, and a peaceful setting to receive treatment. I would highly recommend visiting Pure for ongoing treatments to make the experience a little less overwhelming and a little more human.
Irene AndersonIrene Anderson
16:04 10 May 23
Wonderful spa-like experience! Very warm friendly professional staff in lovely inviting environment. Private rooms with big screen TV, snacks and beverages make the experience as comfortable as it possibly can be.
Angelina WalkerAngelina Walker
18:56 19 Apr 23
This was the best experience I’ve ever experienced in a healthcare clinic. It was so comfortable like home! The staff were exceptional. Well skilled, professional, and made my experience a happy experience. Highly recommended from someone that gets infusions monthly for years now.
Carolina WestoverCarolina Westover
22:30 10 Apr 23
This office is great! Jen and Kim were so helpful, caring and knowledgeable. They even had some yummy snacks and drinks to munch on while we waited. Definitely recommend.
Sandy MarcetSandy Marcet
19:36 07 Apr 23
Today, April 7, 2023, was my first ever visit to PURE Infusion. I was welcomed with a smile. The staff/nurses were so friendly and helpful. I was a little nervous at first, but they quickly put my mind at ease, and I knew they would take excellent care of me.The offices were clean and very well organized. They were able to accommodate every request to make me comfortable, and they even had water and snacks for my husband and I. They get a thumbs up all the way around. Great job!! Your customer service is impeccable. Kudos.
16:16 06 Apr 23
It’s honestly hard to even begin writing this review… there aren’t enough good things I can say about Pure Infusion and the staff at the Lone Tree location. In this journey with my illness I have experienced so much stress to say the least. It has been really hard. The staff at Pure Infusion make me forget that I’m even sick. They have become my friends. I have experienced so much care and compassion from them. I feel completely taken care of and look forward to seeing everyone every month. The accommodations are fantastic. I always call it my “spa day”.Thank you all so much! You have been the best part of this experience!
Mark JohnsonMark Johnson
17:19 04 Apr 23
I have had three out of eight infusions so far.the Nurses have been very helpful and considerate and kind and actually a very very good at their jobs. As a matter of fact the entire staff are awesome to deal with. I Do appreciate them all. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
Dorothy BentzingerDorothy Bentzinger
14:36 18 Mar 23
This is an amazing faculty. The staff are there to please, the suites are comfortable and private. If you need this kind of treatment, this is the place to go.
Astrid CarlsonAstrid Carlson
15:24 25 Feb 23
Getting infusions is an emotional experience, Pure has the most amazing caring staff. I feel very fortunate to be a patient once a month.
CO HubersCO Hubers
01:45 01 Feb 23
My visit to Pure Infusion Suites was positive in every way possible beginning with phone calls and emails prior to appointment and the appointment itself. All staff members I interacted with were very welcoming, cheerful and helpful. The facility was pleasantly decorated, very clean and well stocked with beverages and snacks. I highly recommend this facility.
Christine MillerChristine Miller
00:40 29 Dec 22
Staff and nurses were very kind and comforting. Rooms are nice and overall a great experience.
01:53 26 Dec 22
Kimberlie and other staff are very nice and the infusion process went pretty well with me. Overall, I feel very comfortable with the facility and satisfied with the service at Lone Tree office.
Kendra AguilarKendra Aguilar
17:49 06 Dec 22
The greatest staff that does everything they can to make you comfortable and accommodate any needs. Genuinely care about helping keep your costs as low as possible.
Laurie KovaleskiLaurie Kovaleski
00:02 15 Sep 22
I was incredibly impressed with my entire experience at pure infusion! I wasn’t very excited about having to go to a new place. But they completely won me over!! The staff was so incredibly sweet. They checked on me constantly to make sure I was doing ok and to see if I needed anything at all. I was so comfortable but physically and emotionally with being there!! They provide you with snacks and drinks, you have your own super nice room with a flat screen TV. When you are having to go through something like getting chemo, it is so very nice just to feel comfortable, warm and welcome!!! This place was amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
S. TongS. Tong
02:34 30 Aug 22
Beautiful office with very friendly staff! I was impressed immediately after walking in the front door. The details that Pure Infusion provides to allow a comfortable, peaceful experience is just great!
Tristin FleetwoodTristin Fleetwood
21:06 07 Aug 23
5/5 is an absolute understatement! I've been getting infusions for years for my several chronic illnesses. This has been the most streamlined and luxurious experience I've had with infusions yet! They have a plethora of snacks and beverages to choose from before, during and after your treatment. Not only that, the facility is immaculately clean, while still feeling cozy rather than sterile. I will for sure be returning and referring anyone who needs these services. Thank you so much Pure Infusion you're incredible!
barbara taylorbarbara taylor
14:21 22 Jul 23
A state of the art facility with friendly yet professional staff. Individual rooms with a view, each appointed with style and for comfort.The best snacks and current magazines!It's almost a spa experience you don't want to leave.
Daniel YocumDaniel Yocum
19:05 26 Jun 23
Absolutely Amazing!! From the first conversation on the phone I knew I was going to the right place!! It’s a beautiful facility and everyone there is incredibly inviting. It’s rare now days to get such great care and compassion. Couldn’t say enough good things about it. Thank you for making it fun and inviting
Renata RobbRenata Robb
18:40 19 May 23
Did I feel pampered! I sank into a deep cushioned leather chair, covered with a warm blanket, looking at beautiful woodland and waterfall scenes on a large screen, listening to soft tinkling music. This was no hardship! I didn't even take out my book!
David PitnerDavid Pitner
19:03 04 May 23
This was the best experience I have ever had in a medical setting. I would recommend all of my family and friends come here if they need treatment. If you are looking for compassionate and loving care, you have found it here. The Lord is definitely in this place!
Nick KaferleinNick Kaferlein
21:29 28 Apr 23
Extremely friendly, warm and welcoming. Wonderful vibe here at PURE Infusion suites. Wish my sessions lasted longer!
Giarc NesnahGiarc Nesnah
23:12 11 Apr 23
What an amazing experience! The staff does everything in their power to make you comfortable. Lots of snacks and drink options, comfortable recliners and several streaming options to keep you entertained/ distracted.
Lacey CousinsLacey Cousins
18:17 11 Mar 23
The ladies were wonderful who work there! It was comfortable and I look forward to doing another fusion with them.
Cathy GraevellCathy Graevell
18:12 07 Mar 23
From the very beginning talking to Kati on the phone, I felt like I mattered. She is the most friendly person I have ever met in an office setting. I can't say enough about Keanna & Michelle as well. All three of the ladies made you feel like I count. Always trying to make your time there pleasant by making you feel at home. The atmosphere is wonderful and I highly recommend Pure Infusions in Spokane Valley. Try it and you will see what I am talking about. Thank you Ladies!
Bethany PicardBethany Picard
21:10 22 Feb 23
The office is so clean and feels warm and inviting. I have such a wonderful experience when I am there every week. Considering that the patients are here to get an infusion the entire staff always treat you special and it makes the infusion bearable. Everyone in the office is so amazing and and give me a sense of comfort while I am here. I would recommend this clinician office for anyone in need of assistance for infusions and such! I am blessed everyday that I am able to feel safe in such a wonderful environment! Oh yeah…they spoil you too! 😃
Tracy MourarTracy Mourar
00:54 17 Feb 23
Very friendly staff that cares about you as a person.
Ron CoyleRon Coyle
23:29 16 Feb 23
You guys are Great!! 😉
Curtis ScholzCurtis Scholz
18:43 12 Jan 23
The employees at Pure Infusion in Spokane Valley are very professional and kind! We've been getting infusions for over 18 years and have visited many infusion centers. Pure is the best!
Cassie FritzCassie Fritz
00:31 08 Jan 23
Absolutely loved the atmosphere. The two ladies there are very kind and professional. They made my experience very comfortable and welcoming.
Brian AlexanderBrian Alexander
20:12 16 Dec 22
Super friendly staff and really comfortable environment. Highly recommend!
George MasdenGeorge Masden
01:50 29 Aug 22
Kati was very helpful answering my questions and knowledgeable in their services. She worked with my doctor, drug company, and insurance company to make sure every aspect of my appointment went smoothly. This was not easy as my medication is an orphan drug.
Layton FamilyLayton Family
05:48 01 Jun 23
We really have had a great experience! Great people that work there! They strive to make you as comfortable as possibly! They even ordered him lunch! My husband has definitely benefited from the treatments!
Sue TandySue Tandy
17:18 21 Apr 23
This has been such a wonderful experience for my husband and myself. We receive expert, professional care from a staff that is excellent in knowing our needs and taking such good care of us. The infusion center has all the latest and best equipment. The rooms are private, comfortable and clean. We couldn’t ask for a better setting to come to with our health and medical needs.
Kowen 3415Kowen 3415
14:34 31 Mar 23
Pure Infusion Suites is a really awesome place! I love the privacy of your own room. The nurses and staff are so kind and knowledgeable. They even accept most insurances. They really take care of you here. I highly recommend this place!
Richard KaplanRichard Kaplan
18:40 24 Feb 23
A+ So careful and concerned for my safety. Jamie (the nurse) wanted to be certain that enough time had elapsed between my last dose of antibiotics and scheduled day of infusion and called my gastroenterologist to be sure. We waited for that confirmation and I greatly appreciated it. Beyond that, both Faith and Jamie made the infusion as pleasant an experience as possible. Also appreciated the candy and tv if I wanted it.
Christine SouthwickChristine Southwick
17:56 22 Jan 23
There was a little bit of a miscommunication in regards to preparation for our appointment. The staff went above and beyond to make sure that our experience was as positive as absolutely possible. I kept telling my son this is what truly great customer service looks like! I would highly recommend this location to anyone and will absolutely be back for our future infusions.
chanel myerschanel myers
19:55 16 Dec 22
I am so impressed with how pure infusions is set up and how the people have treated me. I have never felt so taken care of, welcome, safe, heard, and valued as a patient and a person in a medical setting as I have at pure infusions. The staff is amazing and the environment is wonderful.
Megan SteeleMegan Steele
21:39 16 Nov 22
I have my infusions here and it's an amazing place. It's beautiful, with big comfy recliners and a big TV. You get blankets and treats and they order whatever you want for lunch. The nurses there are incredible, so sweet and attentive and funny. It's weird to have a difficult medication treatment and actually be excited to go.
Alberta TiedermannAlberta Tiedermann
15:41 09 Nov 22
My experience at Pure infusion was amazing. I have really have small veins and always have a hard time starting up an IV, but Heather had no problem and always got my IV started with one poke, she’s awesome. Professional and very friendly staff. I will definitely be going back for future infusions.
Michelle McGinnessMichelle McGinness
15:26 12 Aug 22
A kind person at the front desk to greet us and offer us snacks and/or a cold soda or water in this beautiful, clean 'suite' was the first great impression. The setting of a closed room with comfortable seating for both my mom Jorgi Schindler and I was the 2nd great impression. Our nurse Jaime, that came in was fabulous. She sat and answered all of our questions, she helped us feel very relaxed and welcomed, never rushed, and was absolutely terrific. Such a wonderful experience from beginning to end. HIGHLY recommend!
Mellisa MunozMellisa Munoz
02:43 04 Aug 22
They have been amazing for my mom and they make her so comfortable during her infusions. The people there are so friendly and attentive. Their communication before, during and after the infusions is very thorough and detailed. It’s always clean and she loves the privacy she gets in the suite during her infusion. We would definitely recommend them to anyone needing infusions! Thank you Pure Infusions!
Herb PendletonHerb Pendleton
17:18 26 Jun 23
Just had my second appointment. This experience was so similar to the first, I decided to repeat myself. "The staff was warm and welcoming. From the onset, I felt comfortable and relaxed inan environment that is conducive to one feeling just the opposite. I highly recommend the staff and organization".
Don LindseyDon Lindsey
00:41 26 Apr 23
My wife was changing over her MS treatment from Rebif to a Briumvi Infusion and came to Pure Infusion for administration of the treatment. My wife worked with Bailey for a number of months to get the treatment organized and scheduled. Bailey is an absolute Rockstar and was always so pleasant and helpful to work with! Bailey worked so hard coordinating with multiple different offices, pharmaceutical companies and even insurance companies to get her treatment organized and scheduled. She oftentimes put in a lot of extra work to answer questions, provide information and ensure that my wife was totally comfortable with her new treatment option. Once the day came and we arrived at Pure Infusions, Bailey met us with a warm, sincere smile and welcomed us to Pure Infusions as if we were extended family. As Bailey showed us back to our room, the nurses who were both experienced RN's came right in to help us get settled and were also super attentive during the entire process! The entire staff was not only super attentive to my wife but to me as well who also tagged along to offer support.At a time in our history where healthcare workers are severely overworked and there is a shortage of workers at every office, I am happy to say that here at Pure Infusions, they are not only fully staffed, but are joyful and totally appreciate the opportunity to take care of you! I cannot say enough good things about Pure Infusions in Eugene, Oregon. They are the new kids on the block, but they have found a recipe for success that will leave all the others in the dust! Thank you Pure Infusion Centers, we look forward to coming back for her next treatment! Such a great team!!!
Kristen LewisKristen Lewis
22:00 03 Apr 23
This is the best infusion center I've been to. I have a longer infusion, so I was happy to have a nice, private room with a large screen TV. Harlan and Bailey were friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. The time actually went by quickly. I will definitely continue to use this infusion center.
Shirin SpangenbergShirin Spangenberg
22:59 03 Mar 23
My son needs infusions for his Crohn's disease. We couldn't get into the hospital in Eugene so we decided to try an offsite infusion center. Kinda scary, but ...OMG, it's best thing we could have done. This infusion center is determined to make you feel as comfortable as possible for an uncomfortable situation. The staff was amazingly nice, the suite was beautiful, the service was amazing, and the nurse did an amazing job. They seriously went out of their way for us.Let's face it hospitals are not friendly places! They are sterile, uncomfortable and miserable.Pure Infusion Suites of Eugene makes the best of a bad situation.We would highly recommend!
Parede Valente-JohnsonParede Valente-Johnson
18:31 23 Feb 23
Fantastic experience all around! Can not say enough about these folks. I could not have imagined a better experience for getting my infusion. Thank you so much to the crew over there in Eugene. 10/10 would recommend.
David HookDavid Hook
20:34 16 Feb 23
Great staff, very knowledgeable. Staff and suites help you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Patricia McBridePatricia McBride
00:58 02 Jan 23
Had my first infusion with Pure Infusion. I can’t say enough how wonderful the people and experience was. I was very nervous as it was a new medication for me. All my questions were answered and they made me very comfortable with the process. I have 2 more infusions ahead of me and I have no reservations about them and I am sure anyone who goes there will have an excellent experience also with their level of expertise.
debbie conwaydebbie conway
16:33 10 Dec 22
Super nice people and awesome office. I would definitely recommend them!
Andrew NailAndrew Nail
02:23 08 Dec 22
This place is incredible. Friendliest staff, great treatment.Highly recommend.
Ashleigh GoodrightAshleigh Goodright
01:18 04 Nov 22
I had my first infusion today. Harlen the RN and Bailey the office assistant were so attentive and friendly. The room was amazing with a plush recliner, tv and snacks. Because my infusion lasts longer than 4 hours, they even ordered lunch on the clinic! Who didn't want free Cafe Yumm?! I will definitely be going back for all my future infusions, which I get every 6 months. Also, Harlen got my IV in on the first try. He is Awesome!!
Tiffany AguilaTiffany Aguila
23:23 25 Sep 22
I have been seen for outpatient medical treatment here, I have had a wonderful experience each time. Flexible scheduling to meet the patient needs. Kind, warm and responsive staff. The location is convenient and private. It is very clean and spacious inside, and I appreciate that the nurses are great at getting the vein the first poke. They offered me fresh brewed Coffee, and they have Netflix on big flatscreens to make the time go by comfortably. I highly recommend asking your provider to make the switch. Five stars easily.