A Better Infusion Experience

Creates Happier Members

Outside of standard hospital care there exists something better. Patients can take part in a new experience that's reinventing infusion therapy. Through exhaustive research we've redesigned what the treatment experience should be. Warm and inviting, pain free, in the comfort of our large private suites. Your members might even thank you for the opportunity they have to visit PURE!

Shard vision. Shared values. Better Outcomes. 

Patient Focused

Having a chronic illness is demanding, taxing and inconvenient. PURE has committed to delivering an experience second to none. We provide flexible scheduling options based around the complexity of the patients availability. Each patient is immediately taken to their private suite foregoing waiting rooms all together. They enjoy comfortable power recliners, entertainment, snacks, and an attentive nurse monitoring their every need. Our staff always goes above and beyond even offering J-Tip injections prior to needle insertion thereby providing a pain free infusion experience.

Cost Reduction

Our outpatient infusion facilities can dramatically reduce costs to payors. We’ve seen savings in our case studies as high as 65% when infusion are taken out of a hospital setting. This saved one of our plan sponsors $286,000/year per infusing member. We are dedicated to driving down the costs of healthcare with our payor partners.

Better Outcomes

PURE Infusion Suites proactively searches out collaborative quality initiatives to provide payors with better end-to-end patient experience data. We are willing to implement processes at our facilities that help produce meaningful and actionable outcomes. We’ve even consulted on what data sets can be most effectively measured and improved to help qualify value care initiatives.

Let PURE Infusion Suites

be your next partner in

creating a better member experience.

Our goal is to lead the discussion with the general public on cost savings and improved patient experience in healthcare. Our partnership can lead to meaningful change in an industry of increasingly unregulated cost inflation. We are excited to work closely in helping our provider partners be leaders and early movers in this meaningful discourse.

Leading the way in healthcare savings.


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